In Her Shoes | Jessica Rowe

In Her Shoes | Jessica Rowe

Long-time friend of Sambag, Jessica Rowe is a celebrated author, presenter, keynote speaker and journalist. But it’s her philanthropy and vocal advocacy for mental health awareness and initiatives that has seen Jessica made a Member of the Order Of Australia as well as an ambassador for Beyond Blue, and why Sambag's regard for Jessica is second-to-none. 

Jessica's recent book, Diary of a Crap Housewife, while entertaining and lightly self-deprecating, is an important reminder to be aware of our tendencies for constant perfectionism, and be gentle on ourselves: 

We put way too much pressure on ourselves to be perfect in all parts of our lives. That’s impossible - and no fun! It’s my rallying cry to women that you are good enough,”

Similarly, Jessica’s podcast - created with best-friend and fellow Aussie icon, Denise Drysdale – touches on important mental health issues, while remaining approachable, witty and light-hearted. Listen to One Fat Lady and One Thin Lady with Jessica Rowe and Denise Drysdale here.

Sambag meets with Jessica Rowe as the Sydney winter chills are starting to set in, to discuss her love of leopard and style-notes. 

Describe yourself using 5 words:

Quirky, enthusiastic, crap-housewife, crazy-cat-lady!

What are you most passionate about?

My family. They are my everything.

How would you define your personal style?

Flamboyant- more is always more!

Describe your typical day, and what shoe you wear to help you get it all done...

No day is really typical! Since I started working for myself every day is different. Some days I might be hosting an event, giving a keynote speech, other days doing a podcast, writing at the library or hanging out at home with the cats.

Who do you look to as a style icon?

Audrey Hepburn, Anna Plunkett, Iris Apfel.

What’s caught your eye from the current Sambag collection? Why?

I have always adored Sambag shoes. And have been wearing them since Sam first began with her classic ballet flats. I cannot go past anything in leopard print- so the loafers just called my name. And it’s fun to wear a different shape.

How do you style the Lola Loafers?

These shoes are ideal teamed with denim. But leopard really is a classic- so you could team these shoes with anything!

What is your favourite holiday destination, and what shoes do you pack?

Do I have to pick just one favourite spot? Thailand, Hong Kong, Athens and Rome. And I always pack my Sambag shoes. 

If you were a shoe what type would you be?

Sparkly, feathery, and leopard-y...

What would you like to see in the next Sambag collection?

I have an amazing pair of leopard print lace ups (brogue style) that I bought from Sam years ago. I still wear them, people always comment when I wear them. And I’d love a range of lace ups. How about something in snakeskin, gold or silver please, Sam!!