Care guide

Sambag shoes are constructed by hand with the finest quality materials. We work hard to refine and perfect the integrity and quality of our shoes and pride ourselves in using the most exotic and unique finishes - that being our point of difference. To ensure the longevity, comfort and appearance of our shoes is preserved whilst wearing, please follow our care instructions. Like all shoes they need to be looked after to maintain their appearance.

Sambag shoes are soled with Italian leather, either natural or dyed. Please be careful when wearing new leather soled shoes in slippery conditions. For best grip when walking and long wearability we recommend a Topy is resoled onto the leather to prevent wearing down and provide traction and stability when walking on slippery surfaces. It is advisable to initially ‘wear in’ your leather soles, so as ‘score’ or ‘scruff’ them, wearing down the newly polished finish of the soles, which tends to be slippery on tile and wet surfaces. Wearing shoes in the rain is not recommended with some finishes, so please carefully read the care guide for your finish.

Leather shoes

Without proper conditioning and care, leather can dry out until it eventually cracks and falls apart. Good leather shoes, if they are worn regularly, should be polished once a month to preserve their life. Use a leather cleaner and soft rag to remove dirt and debris. Smooth leathers can be cleaned with saddle soap and a damp cloth. If no leather cleaner is available, use a slightly damp cloth. Pay attention to stitching, soles and heels. If scratches or other imperfections are apparent, condition with a shade or a cream formula that is one shade lighter than the actual colour of the shoe.

Once the shoe has been cleaned and is dry, use a waterproofing agent. For patent leather, you can use ‘waproo patent dressing’ to clean and nourish patent leather and keep it shiny.


Water can ruin the shape of fabric shoes and cause them to fade or the colours to run. So, avoid wearing these shoes in the rain. Clean with soft towel and speciality fabric cleaning fluid. Avoid spot cleaning, as this can result in uneven colour. Stain and water-resistant sprays, such as ‘Waproo Water and stain protector’ keep dirt and water from penetrating the fabric of your delicate shoes, and prolongs their life. Take a few minutes to apply when you first get your shoes and you’ll get more wear out of them.


Treating your suede or nubuck shoes with a protective spray or finish will help to repel water and prevent stains. In the case of stains, rub very gently with a damp cloth or a crepe rubber.

Calf hair

Calf hair is an extremely delicate fabric and will eventually wear over time. To maintain the appearance of the skins, it is recommended you do not wear in bad weather or whilst driving, as this will cause the hair to rub off. You can wipe cowhide smoothly in the direction of the hair with a damp cloth, mild soap and water. Do not soak or get too wet. Brushing with a hard-plastic brush helps to keep the hair soft and fluffy and removes dirt. As with many shoes, using a protective spray will help keep it clean.

Snake skin

Please note that all snake skins are treated with different types of dyes to obtain different effects and colours. With some finishes the dye will not be sealed with a ‘shiny film’, instead treatment of the skin will result in a more natural, raw or muted look. Wearing snakeskin shoes in bad weather or dirt terrain may cause dyes to run, staining or and water damage to the snake skin. Snake skin scales are prone to ‘lifting’ as they are fine scales of natural variation, texture and grab.

To best care for treated snake skin, wipe any surface using a damp cloth in the direction of the scales. Condition your snake skin with exotic leather conditioner that is specifically safe for snake skin. It is best use a lanolin-based exotic leather conditioner. Apply a thin coat with a soft lint free cloth in the direction of the grain of the scales. Protect your shoes with an application of silicone water repellent. This helps to maintain their original look and prevents drying out.