In Her Shoes | Megan Morton

In Her Shoes | Megan Morton

No introduction necessary, Megan Morton's particular brand of style is highly regarded both in her local Sydney and abroad. Her home is a veritable melting pot of unexpected props, travel sentimentality, sleek design and high functionality, over-looking the stunning Red Leaf bay in Sydneys Eastern suburbs. 

Sambag caught up with long-time muse, Megan Morton to discuss her love of vintage, what makes a house a home and her advice for those looking to follow in her well-heeled footsteps... 


Describe yourself in 5 words:

Large-footed, enthusiastic, well-read!  


You are a celebrated interior stylist, author and founder of The School. How did you get here? 

I taught myself styling so I could communicate in a non-verbal way, then I started to write books because I felt sometimes things needed more explanation. Then when magazines had their turn-down I started The School because I wanted to teach people things that I had shared once in magazines, to people in real life. The School now has a travel component as well as a classroom component in studios. 


Do you have any words of wisdom for those who look to follow in your footsteps?

“Never hide your enthusiasm". It’s something my mother told me when I was a teenager and I believe it still rings true today. 


What makes the perfect home?

People! It’s always the people I have been in the most wonderful homes but they are missing that fifth dimension if they’re without love.  

megan morton kitchen sydney

Image: @thedesignfiles 


Favourite travel destination? Why?

INDIA gets under your skin and never leaves you a dream about her often especially during these really challenging times and I can’t wait to take people back there and show them glorious India.


Your favourite, perhaps under-appreciated, aspect of Motherhood?

Those little things! Like knowing the real nuances of your kids. I have three (21, 20 and 11) and really enjoy spending time with all of them separately; they are all so different, equally hilarious and wonderful company. 


How would you describe your personal style?

I have always love Vintage but anyone who also loves Vintage knows it doesn’t come easy. When you love Vintage there is always things to fix, mend and tailor but there in lies the real joy; you always have different clothes and they are always semi-custom by the time you finish with them.  

megan morton inspiration sambag

What are you most passionate about?

Wearing a mask! 


Where do you find inspiration?

In my 20 odd photo books where I have printed all of my pictures from my original trips pre-iPhone. 


And our signature question: if you were a shoe, what style would you be?

A ballet flat. Far from a ballerina, I am sturdy, good support and can go many directions! 


Megan wears the Tina Ballet Flat in Navy Snake