In Her Shoes | Melissa Doyle

In Her Shoes | Melissa Doyle

Who better than Melissa Doyle to open our first in a series of interviews with inspirational Sambag ambassadors.

Melissa Doyle is a familiar face to many Australians. A celebrated journalist, TV presenter, author and radio host, Melissa's career can only be described as illustrious. Couple her warmth and approachability along with her adoring family life, and it should come as no surprise that Melissa Doyle holds a special place within the Sambag hall of fame. 

Sambag meets with Melissa to discuss her passion for story-telling, her love for travelling & dressing to respect yourself.


Describe yourself using 5 words:

Happy, driven, positive, capable, curious


What are you most passionate about?

Of course my family. Raising strong, happy, well rounded children who will go forth and take on the world.

Professionally I’m passionate about storytelling. Finding out what makes people tick, exploring new places, understanding why we are all so different yet in so many ways all the same.


How would you define your personal style?

Simple, structured, easy to wear and usually darker colours. I’m not one of the those woman who can throw together an outfit with multiple layers and elaborate colours. I keep it pretty uncomplicated. It also makes it easier to pack as I travel so much.  


Describe your typical day, and what shoe you wear to help you get it all done:

I start off in runners. If I don’t go to the gym first thing it doesn’t happen.

Ballet flats to get to work, then I pop them in my handbag and slip into heels at the office.

If I’m on the road shooting a story, its flats for running around or catching a flight, then heels when I’m in work mode. I always wear heels on camera even if you can’t see them. I feel professional.  


Who do you look to as a style icon?

Women who make the everyday look elegant. Rose Huntington-Whitely and Meghan Markle.

And my Grandmother. She always wore a hat and gloves to church. She taught me dressing nicely shows you respect yourself and the person you are with.


What’s caught your eye from the current Sambag collection? Why?

I’m loving the black patent leather Grace flats …  a little shine elevates my usual choice. I usually just switch between nude and black!    



How would you style this piece?

With everything!


Where do you look for inspiration?

I’m always tearing pics from magazines or saving images from Instagram for inspiration. I keep things forever so I love looking for new ways to wear them.


What is your favourite holiday destination, and what shoes do you pack?

I will go anywhere – and preferably somewhere I haven’t been before. I work so I can travel. It’s my favourite thing to do. And I always travel in flats. I love exploring cities which requires a lot of walking. 


If you were a shoe what type would you be?

Probably a knockout black high heel. Tall, practical, adaptable, useful and hopefully a little bit glamorous. 


What would you like to see in the next Sambag collection?

A pair of nude ballet flats that magically massage my feet all day that I don’t need to kick off the moment I walk through the front door!


Image credits: The Daily Telegraph