In Her Shoes | Paula Joye

In Her Shoes | Paula Joye

Fashion-veteran, beauty-guru and aficionado, Paula Joye is our latest style muse.

An illustrious career in fashion - editing for the likes of Cleo, Maddison and Shop 'Til You Drop - and now creator of her own aptly titled blog, THE JOYE, Paula combines her passion for writing and style; covering contemporary fashion, beauty, wellness, food and travel. 

It's only natural then, that Paula was our first choice to collaborate with on the perfect pool slide. Featuring retro inspired silhouette, navy & white polka dot satin and suede covered natural sole, the Paula Slide has been given the style tick-of-approval. 

Sambag caught up with Paula, post Fijian get-away, to discuss her passion for women’s issues & our recent collaboration on the perfect holiday pool slide. 


Describe yourself using 5 words:

Still. Working. It. All. Out.


What are you most passionate about?

Small scale it’s my family and the kids within it. Large scale: it’s womens issues. This is an exciting time to be a young woman. Change is possible and I’d like to see that happen. For my daughters and all the daughters.


How would you define your personal style?

Classic. But a tutu, sequins or feathers can bring me unstuck.


Describe your typical day, and what shoe you wear to help you get it all done:

No such thing as typical. I wear many hats. And shoes! These days it’s sneakers or a pointy toed pump. Often both. I keep a pair of heels in my handbag and swap them out between meetings.


Who do you look to as style icons?

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and Lauren Hutton. I lean heavily toward the American Sport look and they typify it.


What’s caught your eye from the current Sambag collection? 

I am so happy to see SAMBAG back doing what it does so well! The navy and white polka dots are pretty perfect. To have a slide named after me is a total buzz. Love them.


sambag polka dot slide sandal paula joye collaboration


How would you style the Paula Slide?

Navy and white looks great with denim and red. I’d probably pair them back with a white shirt, denim shorts and a navy jacket. And an accent of red in a brooch, ribbon or bag.


Where do you look for inspiration?

Everywhere. Books, film, art and mostly music. Lyrics give me inspiration everyday.


What is your favourite holiday destination, and what shoes do you pack?

Anywhere on the water. And the perfect holiday for me is one pair of shoes. With no heel. A classic slide that goes with everything and shows brown feet and good pedicure.


If you were a shoe what type would you be?

A pointy toe, patent leather pump


What would you like to see in the next Sambag collection?

A pointy toe, patent leather pump!