In Her Shoes | Tory Archbold

In Her Shoes | Tory Archbold

There's no-one quite like Tory Archbold. Not only is she hugely influential, highly inspirational and full of vivacity, she's also sincere, family-orientated and completely grounded - as only someone with the secret to a balanced life can be (read on to find out what it is). 

Sambag caught up with Tory to chat about her latest venture, Powerful Steps, what her morning ritual looks like, and how to turn life's challenges into opportunities...


Describe yourself in 5 words:

Passionate, empowered, authentic, connected, global

Tell us about your illustrious career, from founding your celebrated communications agency, TORSTAR, to pivoting toward empowering women through your latest venture, Powerful Steps? 

I founded TORSTAR two decades ago based on my values of passion, integrity and delivery attracting and partnering with the worlds top performing retail brands.  In 2019 I stepped outside my comfort zone and created Powerful Steps;  a platform to inspire, encourage and empower others to turn their dreams into reality by sharing my professional and personal roadmap to success. I launched with the same value set and speak to corporations about the Power of Connection and mentor business owners and corporate leaders in Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

You founded Powerful Steps after a tumultuous period in your personal life - what advice do you have for women who may be dealing with their own private anguish?

We all face challenges – learn to view them as valuable life lessons and believe in the optimal outcome. There will always be light at the end of the tunnel and when you are ¾ there and feel like you are going to give up – don’t.   You will just be facing a repeat of the same lesson at the ¾ mark.  Conquer the lesson and you will be out the other side empowered and ready to embrace new beginnings.

You have a busy schedule managing TORSTAR, Powerful Steps, motherhood to a teen, and of course, a personal life… What keeps you balanced?

Anything is possible when you believe in yourself.  When you put yourself first you have the ability to gently remove anything that is not aligned with your true power and potential  - that is the secret ingredient to a balanced life – the gift of space to learn, grow and create surrounded by those who are aligned with your value set and love you unconditionally.

tory archbold sambag in her shoes

What are you most passionate about? 

Empowering others to know anything is possible when you view challenges as opportunities.

Describe your typical day:

Morning walk, talk, coffee with my husband and then into the shower where I set my intentions for the day with 3 drops of lavender oil.  I find the calmness of lavender allows me to manifest what I want to make reality throughout the day. From there nothing is typical – I could be speaking to a corporation on the Power of Connection, mentoring women in AUS, NZ or the USA, hosting a virtual workshop or taking the time to learn a new skill set (I am obsessed with digital analytics at the moment).  Not a day goes by without a conversation with my daughter – I love our chats and believe in the power of open communication. 

How would you define your personal style?

A strong mix of luxe and high street. I have always invested in good shoes and handbags – my Grandma taught me these were the first things people noticed when you walked through a door and she was not wrong.

Who are your style icons?

I worked alongside Ken Downing when he was the Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus and they launched online into Australia. He taught me that true style and real fashion comes from confidence. Without confidence you are just wearing clothes.  True fact and I have never looked back. 

Where do you find fulfilment?

Through my tribe – family, friends and professional connections.  

What is your favourite style from the SAMBAG collection? Why?

The Lola Loafer – I love a good flat shoe, especially when it makes an impact like the leopard.

And our signature question: if you were a shoe, what style would you be

A shoe worth knowing 😲


Tory wears the Lola Loafer in Leopard Print